Cardigan Citadel

This cardigan Citadel by Joji Locatelli was a big challenge for me and I was not sure at first if I could do it. But I just started and now I have a beautiful jacket that I wear often.

I found the yarn in our local yarn store. It was a remnant that was marked down and I fell in love with the color right away. It is the Slow Wool Canapa Hand Dyed from Lana Grossa. At first, I had bought 6 skeins (that was the specification for a sweater). But then my boyfriend said I should buy more in case it wasn’t enough. So I went back to the store the next day and bought the last two skeins. That was good because, in the end, I needed everything.

I knitted size S and according to my Ravelry notes, it took me from February to September. The jacket was challenging in that the different patterns had different repeats. I wrote it down on paper and then always checked off the rows, there was no other way for me. Except for one pattern, I soon knew the others by heart.

The jacket has knitted pockets. I had never done it before and I think it’s pretty awesome.

In the store where I bought the yarn, I then even found matching buttons.

When blocking, I, unfortunately, pulled the jacket a little too much in length, so that the waist now sits too low and also the pockets are thereby too far down. I will try to fix that again at some point. Otherwise, I am overjoyed with this jacket and it has shown me once again that you can dare to difficult projects, you learn so much.

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