In the second online class I took at Marchionna Couture, we sewed a shirtdress. Again, the material and pattern were included.

Special features of this dress are the tabs and the handmade belt. In front, the dress has large patch pockets.

The facing at the hem is stitched several times so that the skirt has a little more stand at the bottom.

What I learned in the course amongst other things is that you should always sew with a small stitch length when you are turning over something. This makes the seam more stable and it is also easier to get nice corners on the collar.

The dress is made of medium-weight linen, which is very nice, but it wasn’t the easiest to sew either. However, I cursed the most while making the holes on the belt. These are simply stitched around, but due to the fact that the belt insert was very hard, it was very tedious.

Unfortunately, I have never worn the dress. I was going to wear it to a wedding party, but it was canceled because of Corona, and then the summer was over.

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