Style Arc Sissy-Blouse

The next blouse I sewed was the Sissy Blouse from Style Arc. I sewed this blouse once a few years ago and it was worn out and discolored at the end.


The fabric is from It is the same as the coral-colored blouse with smocking, only in cream. However, it has more structure, which I like very much. Although a cotton fabric, it almost seems like linen. The buttons are from my stash.


I sewed the blouse the same way as last time except for a few small things. However, I will need to move the darts down a bit. The construction of the sleeve slit, however, I did not like for my last sissy blouse (I had a hole at the top). I, therefore, consulted my old sewing book “Alles selbst genäht” and followed the instructions there.

For this, I also had to adjust the pattern piece for the slit. It didn’t turn out quite perfect, but I like the method a lot better and you get a clean result inside and out.

I rounded off the cuffs, so it matches the rounded collar. Where possible, I have made French seams. The ruffles are serged with the overlock. And they never look as nice as they do right after sewing.


Another blouse that I love to wear.

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