Happy strappy lingerie set

I started the New Year with a happy strappy lingerie set. The strappy version of the Chloe Thong from EvielaLuve was the reason why I bought this pattern in the first place. My former versions were just to try out the pattern. To go with the thong I decided that the free bralette pattern from Make bra would be a good combination.


I used the Fernie pantie kit from B’wear which is especially for the Chloe thong, i.e. it contains also the right number of rings and sliders. However, I found the sliders a bit too small for the included strap elastic, so I changed them to a size bigger from my stash (Last year I bought rings and sliders from Ali Express in three different sizes, 100 pieces each. It is so good to have those at hand now). All notions and elastics for the bralette are also from B’wear. I did not pay attention to the width of the fold-over elastic, so this is wider than I would have liked. But I still like how it turned out.


I made the Chloe in size M without changes. The bralette comes in one size only. I made it once before so I knew how it would fit. I added a ring at the top of the cups. This is less bulk for attaching the straps.


I followed the sew-along from EvielaLuve that was included in the Great Bra sewing bee congress last August. I am really happy with her method how to apply the fold-over elastic. So far I always got good results: She applies it in two steps. First, the fabric edge is aligned with the middle of the elastic and attached with a zig-zag (I used 2.0 width and 2.0 length). The elastic is stretched dependent on the part you are sewing (more stretch for curvier parts). The zig-zag should be as close to the edge of the elastic as possible. Then trim away excess fabric. Afterwards the fold-over elastic is folded and stitched again with the same zig-zag stitch. Stretch the elastic behind your presser foot as soon as you can grab it. Else there is not much to say regarding the Chloe thong.

For the bralette, I completed the cups and straps and basted everything to the bottom elastic. I then tried the bralette on and adjusted everything so that it would fit before I zig-zagged it into place. When you follow my blog for a while you may know that I love a clean finish also from the inside of my garments. That is why I am not so happy with the inside of this bralette. Does anybody have an idea how the bottom elastic could be attached so that everything is enclosed? All materials are so soft though so that it is not scratchy at all.

I do need to exchange the hook and eye closure. As I was not sure what I would use as bottom elastic (I had ordered two different ones), I did not have a suitable hook and eye in the right color.


This is a little nice set that makes me really happy and was a good start to the New Year.

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