More lingerie: Chloe Thong and Liz Bralette

I sewed some more underwear, twice the Chloe Thong from Evielaluve , once my standard slip, the Watson Bikini, and the Liz Bralette from Sew Your Happy . I sewed everything from scraps of my pajamas. The foldover elastic is from a bundle from Wien 2002 .

The Chloe-Thong comes in different variations, you can combine front and back as you like. In addition, there is a “strappy” version. I have not yet tried it but it is on my to-do list. To find the right size I compared the pattern with my standard pattern, the Watson bikini, and chose size M. The only change I made was an extension of 1 cm on the front part in the crotch area.

I haven’t yet found the perfect way to close the foldover elastic in a circle. According to the instructions, the foldover elastic is sewn to the leg opening, then one side seam is closed. Then the elastic is sewn to the waistline before closing the second side seam. This makes sewing the elastic on very easy, but you end up with quite thick side seams as a result. For the first slip I tried this, for the others, I overlapped the elastic at the end. Didn’t always turn out quite as well. If someone has the ultimate tip, I would be very grateful. The “Chloes” fit great, this is a nice pattern with many variation possibilities.

The Liz bralette didn’t come off quite as easily. It’s designed for B cups, and I thought I’d do an SBA (small bust alteration) for my A cup. In the process, the dart, which is also very small, disappeared. It probably wouldn’t have been necessary, I don’t know. At the armhole, the bralette then gaped terribly. No idea if it was due to the pattern or if I stretched the fabric when sewing on the foldover elastic. To fix this, I pulled the front piece back on the side until it lay smoothly. On the sides, you have a lot of layers of fabric at the overlap of the front and back pieces when the waistband is then sewn on. The bralette fits, is very comfortable but makes even less of what little I have. I will wear it more for sports or hiking.

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