A man’s hoodie

When I had finished sewing my Lamma Hoodie, my friend liked it so well that he also wanted to have one. He loved especially the color choice gray/black. So I searched for a suitable pattern and ended up with a mixture of Jalie 3884 and the Jordan Hoodie from pattydoo.


Both fabrics are organic sweatshirt fabrics from Lebenskleidung and are very cozy and warm. The lining for the hood is a simple jersey knit that I had in my stash.


I made the following changes:

  • changed hood to a three-piece hood, because it wears better
  • Thumb-holes instead of sleeve cuffs (I used the pieces from the Lamma-Hoodie as templates and added 1 cm to all of them)
  • facing for the zipper (the Jalie-pattern does not include a facing)
  • front pieces of the Jalie pattern changed so that they are continous, pockets are from the pattydo-pattern


The biggest challenge for me was the sewing order with the hood, zipper, and facing. On the Jalie hoodie, the zipper goes all the way into the hood but has no facing, on the Jordan hoodie the zipper stops before the hood but has a facing. I sewed in the following order:

  • finish the facing
  • baste the hood seam binding to the hood lining
  • stitch facing to hood lining
  • stitch hood to bodice
  • stitch the cuff to the bodice (7 cm), mark the foldline, fold seam allowance up
  • pin zipper to the right side, fold seam allowance of the hood down
  • stitch zipper to the left side
  • stitch bottom short side of the facing to the cuff, right sides together
  • stitch facing to hood, right sides together (from bodice side in first seam)
  • stitch cuff as far as possible under the facing
  • stitch hood inside and outside together
  • fold hood seam binding down and stitch

In the end, I sewed the hood seam binding by hand, which is certainly not optimal for such a jacket, which must withstand a lot, but with the machine, I did not get it right, because my presser foot slipped again and again by the height difference binding+ seam allowances/jacket. I would be very grateful for a tip on how to do this better.

Actually, there should be cord stoppers on the cord, but the biggest ones I found were still too small for the thick cord.


The hoodie is loved and worn a lot, what more could you want?

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