Itch to Stitch Lamma Hoodie

My plan to bring all projects of the last 2 years on the blog, I have abandoned. Maybe I’ll write something again about my two major projects, an evening dress from 2019 and a jacket in Chanel style from 2020 (there I have fulfilled a sewing dream). Instead, I’ll try to get back up to date now. My first project from 2021 is the Lamma Hoodie from Itch to Stitch.

The Lamma Hoodie comes in two versions: A with hood and “thumbholes” or B with turtleneck and regular cuffs. I have sewn the version A.


At the moment I try not to buy new fabric if possible. The hoodie I sewed completely from scraps. The black fabric is a simple sweatshirt fabric, slightly brushed inside, the gray fabric is a slightly lighter sweatshirt quality with spandex. It’s the same fabric I used to sew the Anima Pants . I had sewn an Aveiro Cardigan from the scraps, but the fabric didn’t match the pattern, so I never wore the cardigan. So I took it apart and used it for the Lamma Hoodie. I had to piece the front side panels and the cuff. The lining for the pockets and hood is a simple light gray jersey.


Lately, with Itch-to-Stitch patterns, I’ve tended to sew more in a size 4 and then do a “small bust alteration”. I originally intended to do that with this pattern, too. But then I looked at the measurements for the finished hoodie, and size 4 had too much extra width for me. I stayed with size 2 for bust (regular) and waist and then increased to size 6 for the hips (home office says hello…). Additionally, I took away some width at the front dividing seams. To do this, I simply cut 0.5 (left) and about 1 cm (right) off the curviest part of the side front piece, lowering the bust point another 1.5 cm. On the center front piece, I also cut off a few millimeters to relocate the bust point.


Since this was a pattern test, I have dutifully followed the instructions. They are, as always with Itch-to-Stitch, very good and detailed. Perfect to sit down relaxed at the sewing machine and start sewing after a long day at work without having to think much. Since the black fabric is quite thick, I topstitched most of the seams once in gray to keep the seam allowances under control. It’s the first time I’ve sewn such “thumbholes” and I have to say, I think they’re really nice.

So that the gray-black is not so boring, I applied a Japanese character on the front and back. It means “power”. I had been looking for a character that is relatively simple, so that it is suitable for appliquĂ©, and whose meaning fits a sports top. I think this one is quite successful. And I checked at least a thousand times to make sure I was sewing it on the right way around.


The hoodie has become really warm and cozy. The hood is not too wide and has a high collar, so that one is not cold even at the neck. Now I finally have a warm top, so I can run even in winter. And I have already plans to sew a second one, from old sweaters 🙂

Disclaimer: I got the pattern for free in exchange for testing it. I bought the fabric myself. All opinions are my own.

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