Anima Pants meet Stripes

I stuck to my plan and have finished my casual wardrobe so far (except for the cardigan that I am still knitting).  The pants are the Anima Pants from papercut, the T-shirt is self drafted.

Tha Anima Pants are quite popular at the moment, but as I ordered the pattern I was not aware of this.  I was reading some blogs and came across the version from Devon from Miss Make which I liked very much. It was my first papercut pattern, and I ordered the paper version as I was not in the mood of printing and taping a pdf pattern. And I am glad I did. The pattern is beautifully packed and you can cut out the instructions and make them into a little booklet.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I first made some shorts as a muslin before cutting my good fabric. They turned out very nice. I cut a size S and did not make any changes.


2014-09-01-shorts-backHowever, I did not like two things construction wise. First, the topstitching for the faux fly has to be stitched from the left side. For my next version I marked the stitching line on the right side, so I was sure it came out correctly. Secondly, I did not like the waistband finish on the inside: the lower edge is not turned under. I did this for the long version.



I am not sure if I am happy with the fit of the long version. There seems to be too much fabric at the front crotch and the legs are quite slim so that I have the feeling the whole pants are a bit unbalanced. I skipped the cuffs at the bottom, but honestly, I do not know how that would have looked like with the legs already tight fitting. The front crotch issue might be due to my body shape as I have this problem also with other pants.



Some details of the waistband and and the inside (and I hate to stitch in the ditch…):


2014-09-01-innenThe shirt is nothing special, I changed the neckline of my basic block to a boat neckline which I finished with an elastic. The combination is very comfy but I feel like wearing pyjamas….I had planned for a second striped top, but I am not sure if I want more pyjamas feeling at the moment.

It is not as easy to stick to my sewing plan as I thought. I would really love to sew a dress now and I think I will soon. But first I need some basic shirts/blouses. And I am looking forward to sewing with wovens again.

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