Butterick 6031

One basic I can not live without in winter are slips. The last ones I made are worn out by now and so I needed a replacement. Last time I used Jalie 2568. The pattern is quite nice, however, the neckline was too high for some of my V-neck tops, the armscye rather tight, and the lenght to short. I can’t stand a gap between the slip and my trousers. Before making changes to the Jalie pattern, I tried a new one: Butterick 6031, one of the patterns from Gertie.

Of course, I first made a muslin. The pattern comes with different cup sizes, what I really like. For the muslin I cut view B in size 8 and A/B cup.



The general fit was ok, however the side seams were a bit distorted, so for the next version I cut a size 10. I also lowered the edge of the cups a bit.


When I was happy with the fit I went into mass production. I cut fabric for further 7 slips. While sewing, I always kept the pieces belonging to one slip together, so that I would not mix up the little bustier pieces.

2014-07-26-zuschnitt Hemdchen

The construction was not difficult. Gertie also made a sew-along for this pattern on her blog. Applying all the lace is a bit time consuming, but it is worth it in the end. This is the inside of the front bodice.


My first items for the fall/winter wardrobe are completed!




I really love this pattern, and with the lace it feels like a bit of luxury.

Fabrics: white rayon jersey and white doted cotton jersey with elasthan, both from Stoffhandel Gädtke, Hamburg

Lace: Spitzenparadies



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