Pattern Testing: Dolores Pocket Skirt

I have been a pattern tester for the first time! Some weeks ago, Beth of Ready Ruthie was looking for some pattern testers for her skirt pattern and I was lucky enough to get accepted. The skirt itself is an A-line skirt with or without pockets. Piping is optional. I cut a size 4, but had to do add a bit at the hips, and take in a bit at the waist.

The puckering at hip height is due to my dress form, that is the point where it ends…

I am a bit paranoid when I sew a new pattern. I ALWAYS make a muslin or use some fabric scraps or whatever I find, even if the pattern is as simple as this skirt. Despite so many years of sewing I am still afraid that the result might be a failure. For this project I did not feel like making a “real” muslin from muslin, so I looked through my stash and I found one of my very first sewing projects:

2014-07-26-alte HoseThis were originally some kind of bloomers, the ribbon at the bottom got lost eventually. I did actually wear these, but now they were laying in my closet for some years. I still like the fabric (I LOVE embroidered fabric and can hardly resit of buying it), but it never was really suitable for trousers. As the legs were so wide, there was enough fabric for testing the skirt!

I made the piping myself from some scraps I had lying around. Here is how the piping is sewn in at the pocket:


2014-07-26-Tasche fertigI used an invisible zipper at the center back. I like them because they are, yeah, invisible. And the matching of the piping was perfect at first go! I was already prepared to unpick the zipper several times, but this was not necessary at all.


I used cotton batiste as lining. For the side seams I used a french seam. The lining is attached to the skirt by hand. I also finished the hem of the skirt with handstitches.


The waistband is interfaced with batiste. At the inner waistband I attached both layers with some rows of machine stiches to make it stronger. I do not like waistbands that wear out over time. I use this method in every skirt now and I am quite happy with it.


The skirt is really a lightweight and perfect for the summer. And an old garment got a new life.

2014-07-26-Rock Seite

When I had fnished the skirt, it occured to me that I had sewn a very similar skirt last year….nearly same color, same piping, embroidered fabric….

2013-05-20-Rock vorne_1

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