A white-lilac Maya set

Bras are quite fast to sew, so here is another Maya bra from Afi Atelier with some matching panties I made.

This one is again made with non-stretch lace and lined with sheer cup lining. For the armhole finish, I used fold-over elastic instead of picot-elastic. As a result, the strap attachment point was moved more to the center. I was not aware of this until the bra was completed and I tried it on. It looked kind of odd and caused a lot of wrinkles in the upper cup. I have solved this problem by attaching a short strip of elastic pointing upwards where I then attached the strap. Unfortunately, I have not figured out yet, though, how to avoid this from the beginning.

I used my usual methods for a clean inside that I learned from Liz-sews you tube channel (which is online again, I am so happy). In short, lining and main fabric are sewn together in a way that all seams are enclosed.

The upper edge of the cup is finished with a small decollete elastic.

The lace is from BWear that I purchased last December during their Lucia sale. (I went a bit crazy and ordered much too much….). Here is a picture of my haul, the white-lilac lace is on top:

I got 1 m of that lace and wanted to use every bit of it. So I made three panties to match the bra. As this lace is a non-stretch lace, I could only use small parts on the front. The Vera panties are of course a very suitable pattern due to the straps at the sides. So I made one of these and 2 Watson bikinis with lace insets:

For this Watson I stole the shape of the inset from the Chloe thong:

And for this the shape is from the “its not me its you” bikini cut. I like the shape from the Chloe more, but this is mainly due to the lace, it could not be mirrored:

This is all that is left from the lace and I can”t get anything else out of it, not with the best will in the world. So I think I made good use of it.

This will not be my last Maya bra, I plan to make another one with foam lining. But at the moment I have the Black-Beauty bra from Emerald Erin on my bra sewing list (I do have this beautiful kit with bees on black tulle..)

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