Meisi by Julia Mueller

I already have a backlog of projects that need to be blogged. So today I share a pair of gloves that I finished in January: the Meisi gloves by Julia Mueller. The yarn I used was a mitten kit from Dandelion & Dogwood in the colorway “Lauderee”.

What I liked about the Meisi gloves is that the pattern continues through the index finger and pinky. The pattern itself is very intricate and was not a fast knit, at least not for me. I used the fingering weight yarn together with the lace. The result is a really dense fabric that keeps my hands warm also at -1° Celsius. This meant, however, that my yarn was thicker than recommended and I had to decrease the stitch number. Therefore I “lost” part of the pattern at the sides.

I did not have enough of the fingering weight yarn for the second thumb, so I took the thread from the “lace” yarn double.

A nice detail is the pompons at the cuff, I really like them, even if you usually don’t see them as they are covered by the coat or jacket sleeves. The cuff of the gloves is also really long, I think next time I would shorten them.

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