Vienna Tank Top Sew-Along, Part 5

The top is nearly finished, there is only the hem to do! You have different possibilities for hemming your Vienna.

Hemming knits

Fold the hem allowance to the inside and pin.

IMG_0367_Bildgröße ändern

You can use a cover stitch machine. Then you get a hem that looks like in RTW. 

IMG_0551_Bildgröße ändern

If you do not have a cover machine, you can get a similar look with a twin needle. You have the double stitches on the outside and a zigzag stitch on the inside. Take care that the thread tension is not too high and increase your stitch length. It should also help to set up one spool so that it rotates clockwise, and the other spool in the opposite direction. And thread both threads at the same time, although I haven’t tried these tips by myself yet.

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You can also simply use a zigzag stitch. I decided to use one of the many embroidery stitches that my machine offers and which I use not often enough. 

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Hemming woven fabrics 

Doublefold the hem allowance to the inside and stitch along the upper edge. To make the folding easier you can staystitch first at a distance half the hem allowance from the hemline.

For a beautiful small hem I used a method the Carolyn shared some time ago:

Staystitch at a distance of 1 cm from the hemline.

IMG_0391_Bildgröße ändern

Fold along this stitch line to the inside and press. Stitch a second time at a 3mm distance. Trim the edge.

IMG_0393_Bildgröße ändern

Fold again to the inside and stitch. The result is a nice small hem.

IMG_0395_Bildgröße ändern

Vienna Tank Top is finished!

IMG_0415_Bildgröße ändernIMG_0419_Bildgröße ändern

IMG_0425_Bildgröße ändernIMG_0426_Bildgröße ändern

I hope you had fun with the Sew-Along and you all have now awesome Vienna Tank Tops. I am so excited to see your work so please share.



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