TV show and film sewalong: Planning, Fabric, patterns

Today is already the second part of the TV show and film sewalong: all about planning. fabric and patterns.


Last week I showed some of my inspiration pics, and I am now sure that I will make the blouse worn by emily Thorne:


I also have some nice silk that I think would be perfect for this project. It is a crepe silk with a slight structure. One side is a bit shiny.

IMG_0370_Bildgröße ändern

Now for the more difficult part, a suitable pattern. The blouse is a Kate Spade New York blouse. In this black version you can see the details a bit better:


The blouse has center pleats and a kind of collar/neckbinding. If you enlarge the picture you can see that there is a front center seam and this looks to be the same as is the Itch to stitch Vienna Tank Top:

2017-06-04 20_38_53-Vienna Tank Digital Sewing Pattern (PDF) - Itch To Stitch

In the Vienna the pleats are actually facings that are turned to the outside. I am not sure though how to add the second pleat panel. It might also help to examine the Colette Sorbetto for how this is constructed:


For the neckline I might refer to another Itch to Stitch pattern, the Bonn shirt:

2017-06-04 20_43_28-Bonn Shirt & Dress Digital Sewing Pattern (PDF) - Itch To Stitch

Else the blouse seems to be quite loose fitting without any darts. At least I cannot detect any. I might add a bit of waist shaping, we will see.

And now I will see what the others are up too.


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