TV show and film sew along: Inspiration

Yacurama from “Minimale Extravaganz” is hosting again a TV series and film sew along, and I thought it might be fun to participate.

Often I like a certain TV show not because of the story, but because of the dresses the women are wearing. As much as I love outfits like Kate beckingsale’s in “Van Helsing” or “Underworld” this is nothing I could incorporate into my day-to-day wardrobe. 



Although, this coat… I would love to have a coat like this. 

I am also drawn to more modern outfits like the ones from Jessica Pearson from “Suits” or from Cam from “Bones”.

10-jessica-red-knot-front-dress 884aa499415c49bb54b2d9fbdc90dbf8 e6c52e0c5f1121a192d13b5b18c284bc jessicas-pink-ruffled-sleeve-dress jessicas-taupe-jacket

While Jessicas outfits are far to much for me, Cams dresses would be something I could imagine to wear. These are often simple sheat dresses but with special features.

camilles-black-white-colorblock-dress 5033f8e526e2dcffaef55173ab0b8ba5 8aae51976888cac04df17a264997e2ff.

But the character I am most drawn to is Emily Thorn from “Revenge”. I just love her style. It is simple but still elegant.

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And this is the blouse I might be able to copy:


Are you inspired by TV shows and films for your own outfits?

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