Vienna Tank Top modified

Right after I made my first Vienna Tank top from Itch to Stitch I made a second one, this time however I changed the pattern. I eliminated the center front seam with the facings and made the top with a double layer.

Vienna Tank Top


The fabric is a mesh and quite sheer. When I ordered it there was no information about the content and usually I would not buy a fabric in that case. Yet I fall in love with the embroidery. When the fabric arrived I was a bit disappointed: I did not like the feel of the fabric and as it is so sheer I had no idea what to do, so it sat in my stash for a few years. For this top the fabric worked quite good and as the fit is loose it does not really touch my skin, so it is OK. The yoke is made out of batist from a RTW dress that I never wore.

Vienna Tank Top


As my first version was a bit small around the shoulder I cut a size 4. I cut off the facing from the front pattern piece and cut the front on the fold. For the second layer I added 5 cm in length at the hem.

Vienna Tank Top


Hm, as I made the top already in June I do not really remember how I constructed it. This is the downside of procastinating blogging. I really should take notes during sewing or blogging immediately after finishing a garment (not sure if either of both will happen in the future, though). It was a bit trial and error until I figured out how to sew both layers together so that no seams are showing. I used a piece of silk organza to stabilize the V-neck opening.

Vienna Tank Top

Most seams are serged with small 3-thread stitch. For the hem I set up my serger to make a rolled hem and used the differential feed to create the wavy effect. 

Vienna Tank Topn

Vienna Tank Top


I really like how this one turned out and I wore the tank top a lot during summer. And it also goes with my Angelia shorts!

Vienna Tank Top

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  1. Very pretty top and a great idea to make it double layers.

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