April Bra: BHS10 modified

It has been a bit quite here on the blog. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I did sew, but I just was not in the mood of taking pictures and writing a blog post. I had some busy weeks and now that everything is back to a normal pace I try to catch up with my backlog.

But first I will share my latest make, a new bra. As I said in my last post I am working through the craftsy class “Sewing bras designer techniques”. Beverly uses a bra with a 2-piece cup for demonstrating the alterations. I thought it might be easier to follow the class if I changed my Merckwaerdigh BHS10 3-piece cup to a 2-piece cup. This meant to eliminate the power bar. At the end of the class is a lesson how to add a power bar. So I made just the opposite.

As I was really unsure if this would work out and if I would like the result, I first made a few paper cups and then sewed the bra in some rather boring material. I have a lot of this fabric, so I will use it for trial bras in the future too.

IMG_7349_Bildgröße ändern


IMG_7348_Bildgröße ändernIn addition to altering the cups, I also tried some other techniques. I lined the cups with cotton knit and finished the cup seams on the inside with silk bias tape that I made from some silk scraps. This needs still some improvement, but I love the result. It looks nice and clean and the feel on the skin is really cozy. For the lining I cut the cotton knit the same size as the foam pieces, basted them together and treated them like one layer. I did this to avoid the bulk of additional seam allowances on the cup inside.

IMG_7343_Bildgröße ändern

Else there is not much to say about this bra. I like the shape of the 2-piece cup. For my next bra I will try to give more volume to the lower cup as my bust point is above the cup seam. I have this also with my other BHS10 bras so this is not a result of my alteration.

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  1. I appreciate you sharing your journey with bra making and I really must find the time to watch Beverley’s Craftsy classes.

    1. The class is definitely worth watching. Many alterations are quite easy but give your bra a new look.

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