Work in progress: Vogue 8667

Remember when I said that I would make the Davina dress in a wool knit? Plans have changed though when the fabric arrived. The knit is from Anita Pavani and it is lovely but it  has onlysome mechanical stretch. So not a good match for the Davina dress pattern. Instead I decided to treat the fabric rather like a woven and searched my stash for a suitable pattern. I ended up with Vogue 8667:


I have made this pattern already twice a few years ago, that is in 2011.

2011-04-09-Kleid ohne gürtel2011-11-27-Kleidgelbvorne












While I still love and wear the yellow dress, the other one does not get any wear anymore. When I cut the front skirt on the fold I did not notice that the fabric had some kind of flaw in weaving along the fold. Maybe you notice the line in the picture. Both dresses are a bit tight in the bodice, so I wanted to check the fit before cutting in my good fabric. I thought I would be clever and save some time by using the lining as my muslin. In the end I think it was a more tedious work, because I the lining is a white silk. I did not want any markings to show so I thread traced all the seams and hand basted everything together.

In 2011 I did a lot of changes to the pattern and this is what I started with:

IMG_7252 (2)

I do not remember what I did, and there were some strange things happening like the two side seams not being the same length. Also the notches were quite spare. So I traced the pieces, trued the seams and added some notches. I did not add seam allowances as I intend to thread trace the seams on my wool knit.

IMG_7253 (2)

The changes I had to make on my “muslin” were quite small. I added 3 mm to all seams and an additional 0.5 cm to the bottom of the side seams, tapering to nothing at the top. I also had to lengthen the front by 2cm to have the waistline at the same level as in the back. For the skirt I used the included version of the pencil skirt. I had planned for a flared skirt, but I did not have enough fabric for that. Only change I made here was to add a cut-on facing for the vent.

As this will be a winter dress, I wanted to have long sleeves. I used the sleeves from another Vogue pattern, Vogue 8787. They fit well to the armhole and when I tried the muslin on I was quite happy with the fit on me.

Here is a little sketch of the dress:

IMG_7254 (2)

You see that my drawing skills are non-existent. I added a tiny bow to the neckline. Maybe I will also add a tie to the back, I have a bit fabric left. But first I am basting together the dress in the main fabric and will try it on again. If the fit is still good, sewing it up should be straightforward.


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  1. I’m really curious about this dress! It has been on my sewing list for some time, too. But until now I’ve been unsure how to make it long-sleeved.

    1. We will see how the sleeves turn out….Other than that the dress is really nice

  2. I think your drawing looks great, and really interested to see the finished product!

  3. I’ll have to come back and see it finished. I have that pattern but haven’t used it yet.

    1. I hope I will have it finished by end of the month, but you never know….

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