Andy Satterlund Hortencia Cardigan

This is the Hortencia Cardigan from Andi Satterlund. I chose this pattern as one of the prices for the OAL 2105. Please excuse the bad pictures, it is so hard to photograph when it is not getting light outside.



I used Big Merino Hug from Rosy Green Wool in ruby. It is a dark red that I was not able to catch on the pictures. The yarn is GOTS certified, so the sheep were happy and the yarn is dyed environmentally safe. And I am happy how soft it feels, and it keeps incredibly warm.


I lengthened the cardigan a few cm. I am really proud of myself that I managed to do this (I still am a newbie with knitting). I followed the instructions until the bottom band would start. Then I just increased at the same stitches where the decrease was before and with the same sequence.

2015-12-31-Hortencia-3For the collar I had to do some calculation and a bit try and error to take into account my longer cardigan. But in the end it worked out really well (but please do not ask me what I did). I love how nearly invisible the increase at the collar is:


I am still unsure if I cast on of the sleeves correctly. There is always kind of a ridge and I do not know if this is correct or not:









I was a bit unsure with the pattern. I would have liked it more closed. But I wore the cardigan once and the wool is so warm that I was glad it is how it is. Because the weather is still so warm here it sits now in my closet waiting for the real winter to come. I am also not quite sure about the length. I wish I had made it still a bit longer, especially if I pair it with pants.


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