Unblogged items 2022

I still have some unblogged items from 2022 and realized that writing a proper blog post for each is unrealistic. But as I want to keep track of all sewing projects, here is a summary:

Item #1: Iconic Patterns Cargo Pants #1403

I made three versions, first a wearable muslin, a beige summer version, and a camel winter version. I love all three, but they already show signs of wear. The pattern features a lot of details that I slightly changed between the versions. I used the size according to my hip measurements, which turned out much too big. As I was not in the mood to alter the pattern, I took my best-fitting pants pattern so far, the North Point trousers by Itch to Stitch, and used that as a base which means I left the waist and hip area unchanged (except for the pockets) and altered the legs according to the Cargo Pants pattern.

Item #2 Itch to Stitch Soller Top and Dress

Simple Top and dress with a gathering detail at the V-neck. I wear both pieces a lot. The dress is great for hot summer days.

Item #3 Burda 02/2005 Shirt 107

This is my new basic T-shirt pattern. It has fewer wrinkles around the armhole than the ITS Idylwild shirt that I used as a basic T-shirt before. I made two Merino versions and one version from a viscose knit. I will use this pattern in the future and play around with necklines and sleeve length.

Item #4 Itch to Stitch Idylwild Top

This shirt was meant as underwear for winter. The fabric is a merino knit from Anita Pavani. It was full of little holes when I pulled it out of the stash (I had this issue also with another wool fabric from that fabric store). I sewed up the top nevertheless with the intention to mend all the holes which did not happen until today. The shirt still lives in my mending basket…

Item #5 Amy Lowden Chartres Cardigan

This cardigan is my absolute favorite. Once it was finished, I did not know how could have lived before without it. I used Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk. It is lightweight but still warm. I love that the neckband is knit at the same time as the body. I already have a second one on my needles (same yarn, different color).

Item #6 Greenstyle Patterns Power Sportsbra

My first try of a sports bra. I used some scraps from my stash. I like to wear this bra for hiking. I love the strappy back.

Item #7 Burda 8187 Sweatpants

Some black sweatpants for my partner. This is already the second one I made for him using the same pattern and again it is already very worn out.

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