Some Lingerie

I always wanted to sew my sister some pretty lingerie. Now I’ve finally done it and sewn her for her birthday a few camisoles with matching panties. And since I was already there, I have also sewn a few for me. I used Butterick 6031 again, a pattern that has worked well for me (see here , here , here und here). For the panties I used either Watson Bikini from Cloth Habit or Vera Panties from Studio Costura.


The fabric came from . I ordered 1 m each of the silk/viscose mix in the colors old pink, burgundy and undyed, and 1 m of the silk/wool mix in beige. Finding matching lace was not easy, it comes from Spitzenparadies, ebay, or Wien2002. . In total I have been able to sew 2 camisoles and 1-3 panties per meter.


The silk jersey is not very stretchy, I had already noticed that last time. Therefore, I cut all the camisoles one size larger, so in size 12. The silk / wool jersey was more stretchy, so I stayed here with size 10. For my sister I didn’t change anything, for my camisoles I reduced the top edge of the cups a bit, as I did before.


In principle, I sewed exactly according to the instructions. The only change I always make is that I do not sew tranparent elastic on the top edge of the lace, but decollete elastic. The transparent elastic dissolves in the wash over time, this does not happen with the decollete elastic.

With the Vera panties, I sew the gusset completely with the “burrito technique”. This way you also have no open seam at the back. It is important that the gusset protrudes at the sides according to the width of the elastic. The lace should be cut so that the seam line goes through a “valley” of the scalloped edge. Then, if you do everything correctly, it will look like this in the end:

It took me a while to get it all done, and I didn’t feel like it in the end, but now my sister and I have pretty underwear again.

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