2017 Sewing Year in Review

A Happy New Year to all of you!

Hopefully you are not yet tired of reading “year in review” posts. I am a bit late, but due to our move I am still unpacking boxes and trying to get rid of the chaos. I had hoped to catch up and blog all projects from 2017, but this did not happen. Nevertheless I will include these in my review (and write a detailed post later).

In 2017, I made finished 17 garments and two bags. Compared to others, this is not much (I just read about a 100 items per year challenge…). But nearly everything I made is already loved so much that I do not know how I got along before. I count this as a good sign and I rather own less garments, but every one is a favorite, than producing a lot just for numbers (honestly, what am I supposed to do with 100 new garments?).

Like last year, picking my top five is not easy, but here we go:

From left to right:

The Lago Tank from Itch to Stitch turned out to be a great basic top for summer and also for layering.

My yogabag from Keko kreativ makes me so happy everytime I use it. I had procastinated sewing it quite long, and I also cursed a lot while sewing (bags are just not my favorite thing to sew), but now I am so happy I finally made it. I love the yellow lining so much.

The North Point Trousers from Itch to Stitch (not yet blogged) filled a big gap in my wardrobe. I had to do a lot of fitting alterations, and there still might be room for improvement, but they are wearable and very comfy due to the stretch fabric. I have already nearly finished a second pair.

When I made the Paro Cardigan from Itch to Stitch, I wasn’t sure if I would wear it often. It turned out that I can wear it with trousers, skirts and dresses, so a definitive win.

I made these Knot-Maste Yogapants from Fehr Trade begin of 2017 (and did not get around to blog about), and they immediately became my favorite pants to wear to my yoga classes. I plan on making a long version, too.

Now to the items not worn so much:

As you see, there are only three garments. I just was not able to choose another two. From left to right:

I just do not love the color combination of the Danielle Batwing Top from Sinclair patterns. This top was out of my comfort zone anyway, but it turned out that it is great for doing housework. Tthe fit is relaxed and comfy and allows a lot of movement, but the sleeves are tight so that they are not in the way.

I love how my Chai dress from Itch to Stich turned out, and as the fabric does not need ironing, it is easy to care for. Nevertheless, the waistband sits a bit too high for me to feel comfortable. Should I make this dress again, I will lower the waist by 1-2 cm.

The Anza dress is lovely to wear, but the fabric is rather thin, and at least this summer, there weren’t a lot of days warm enough for this dress. I once wore it with tights, but the fabric was clinging to them, so I will either line the dress or sew an underdress (which is on my to-sew list for a few years already).

Looking at my goals from last year, I was not so successful. I wanted:

Sew up as much of my UFOs as possible. I think I finished 1 UFO and produced some more. I need to improve here.

Work through some of my Craftsy classes. I watched 1 class, and browsed a bit through others, but I did not really work through a class. Instead, I bought some more, hm. I plan, however, to sew a lace skirt with the help of Susan Khaljes class “The couture lace skirt”. I already have all the fabric needed.

Participate in the 365 challenge Ok, I finished two months, but I did not expect to follow this challenge the whole year anyway.

Sewing Active Wear. I started with the Yoga pants and did not get around to sewing more.

Build my business. This is a tough one. I have now six patterns in my shop and this is a lot more work than I expected. It is not the translation itself, but finding enough testers and coordinate everything. I have a core team of testers now, but still not enough. So this is something I will have to work on in the new year.

The goals from last year are still good for the new year and I will stick to them. And I will participate in the RTW-fast again. there are over 1000 members in the FB group. Isn’t that amazing? But most important, I want to enjoy sewing and have fun.

What about you? Do you have sewing related goals for the new year?

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  1. I still have to do my review, so you are not the last one. Good to hear that you were happy with most of your garments and the clinging dress can be helped with some moisturizer on your legs even over tights reduces the static.

    My only goal for 2018 is to participate in #2018MakeNine as i feel I should be able to achieve that one.

    1. MySewingDreams says: Reply

      Thanks for the tip, Sharon, I will have to try that.

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