Vienna Tank Top Sew-Along, Part 3

Today I show you a second method how to construct the yoke. This method is also used for shirt yokes.

Yoke – Method 2

Prepare the front and back pieces for the gathering: Sew two rows within the seam allowances with a long stitch length andreduced thread tension.

With right sides together place one yoke piece on top of both front pieces. 

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Pull the threads to gather the front pieces so that the shoulder seams of front and yoke piece are the same length. Pin. I then turn the whole thing so that the front is on top with the left side facing to you. Place the second yoke piece on top of the front with the right side facing the front.

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Pin and stitch through all three layers. Turn right side out and press seams. 

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Then I arrange everything so that the right side of the outer yoke is facing upwards. The second yoke piece and front are folded down. I place the back with the right side onto the yoke pice, align center back and notches, pin and pull the threads to gather the back.

Now we are rolling the whole thing up. this is also known as the “Burrito”-method. Firt, roll up the back and front until you can see the second yoke piece.

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Fold the second yoke piece up until it aligns with the lower edge of the first yoke piece and back, pin, and stitch through all layers. Take care not to catch the rolled pieces inside.

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Pull everything out through the side and turn right side out. Press the seam. As a result all open edges are inside the yoke and nicely finished seams both outside and inside the top.

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Close the side seams. I made french seams. Now we only have to finish the armholes. I cut a 3 cm (1 1/4″) wide bias strip. It is important to cut on the bias so that the strip can be placed easily around the curves. With right sides together place the strip around the armhole. Make sure that it does not stretch out. At the side seam, pin the ends together and stitch to close the strip. Cut away the ends.

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Trim the seam allowances.

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Press the strip to the inside, fold the inner edge up and topstitch from the right side. 

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