Knitted Cardigan

I finally completed my knitted cardigan last week.


I am slow with my sewing projects, but with knitting it is worse: I started with the cardigan in July. I am glad that I chose a simple pattern. It is from a German women’s magazine, Brigitte. Front and back are basically rectangles.


The pattern comes in two sizes, small and large. I chose the small size, but it turned out to be too tight around the hips. So I just knitted two side panels and inserted them into the side seams.


The pockets and belt are my own idea. I always need a pocket, and the belt keeps things closed.


Despite having finished the cardigan at the end of winter, it got already a lot of wear. After completing the bodice I sewed it together and wore it without sleeves. Later on the sleeves were added and it already kept me warm while knitting the side panels which I actually had to knit twice: First I used the same pattern as for the bottom band, but that looked just awfully. So I decided to follow the pattern as for the bodice to keep the side panel a bit more inconspicuous (Please excuse that my English knitting vocabulary does not exist and I can not explain what stitches (?) I used…)


I am quite happy how everything turned out. The cardigan is so warm and cozy that I will never ever have to be cold in winter again.

Side note: with this piece I actually completed my casual wardrobe 1!

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  1. What a gorgeously warm and cosy cardigan. Love it!

    1. Thank you! I think I will wear it not only in winter.

  2. It looks very nice! Glad you were able to make it fit!

    1. Me too! Even if it took forever to complete I am now so happy everytime I wear it, and that is every day.

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