2014 in Review and Plans for 2015

I was unsure if I should write a review of my sewing year. 2014 was not the best one for me personally. But after reading so many of those posts in the last days I decided that it might help me to analyse my sewing and maybe get a bit of structure to my sewing plans for 2015. So, this was my sewing year 2014:

I sewed 21 garments, and I blogged about most of them. My absolute favorites that I wear again and again are:


2014-06-15-singe dress front





  • The camisoles are really a basic and I wear them every day during the colder season, that is 6 months of the year.
  • I wore the Singe Summer Dress nearly every day at home during the unusual long and warm summer.
  • Shirt, skirt and pullover are in regular turn worn at the office.
  • T-shirt and pants are worn nearly every day in the evening at home.

All these garments have in common that I need them in my every day life, fabric and pattern were a good match (that is something I still struggle with…) and they fit, are just comfy and loved. I think I will add the Style Arc blouse to the list above, but I did not yet had the possibility to wear it (it is just too cold).

The other garments I made were either complete failures, like my pants, the fabric choice was not good or I just simply forgot that I have those new garments! Does that ever happen to you?

So, what are my plans for 2015? Considering what I learned from my analysis, I will try to focus on fit, the correct fabric choice and consider how the garment will fit in my life. I also want to finish some unfinished projects like the Marfy jacket (I did not forget it, how could I, it looks accusingly at me every day from the dress form). I want to sew more dresses, reduce my fabric stash, sew some projects that I have in mind for years, start bra making, sew some pants that really fit, improve my blog writing, make better pictures, build my wardrobe so that everything fits together, include more couture techniques….And I have decided to participate this year in the RTW fast, as you can see in my sidebar. However this should not be too difficult. Last year, besides underwear and socks, I only purchased two cardigans.

And I have no idea how to achieve all this or how to get some structure into my plans. Maybe first I should try to reduce the list and focus on what is the most important for me.

Or just start sewing.

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  1. You had a great year!

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