Announcement: Vienna Tank Top Sew-Along

This is the official anouncement for the Vienna Tank Top Sew-Along. I am really excited as this is the first Sew-Along I will be hosting. I really hope that you all will have fun and learn a few things as well.

Vienna Tank Top Sew-AlongVienna Tank Top Sew-Along

Vienna Tank Top Sew-AlongVienna Tank Top Sew-Along

The sew-along will be divided into four parts:

Part 1: All about the prep work: printing and taping the pattern, choosing your size and fabric, pattern alterations and cutting

Part 2: Yoke

Part 3: Neckline, tie and ruffles

Part 4: Hem

I will show both views. While I will follow the instructions for view A, I will show you an alternative method for constructing the yoke and finishing the armholes for view B.

We will start with part 1 on July 2, so there is still some time to get ready.


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5 Responses to Announcement: Vienna Tank Top Sew-Along

  1. nothy says:

    I’m in….but i will be working a few days behind you. This is my last week of school and i cant start until Saturday

  2. Jan Murry says:

    I will be gone that week – will try to follow along!

  3. yayyyy… i just threw mine in the time out corner. yoke is frustrating.

  4. ANGELA says:

    I’ll join in!

  5. Crystal says:

    Oh, yes! I have fabric set aside for this. I’ll totally play along!

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