Marfy Jacket 1756 Part I

After finishing my contribution to the Sewing Indie Month, I now concentrate fully on the Marfy Jacket Sew Along. I am a bit behind, but that does not matter. Leisa reminded me that it is more important to take one’s time than to keep up with the sew along posts. This is sooo true. Thank you, Leisa!

As this project will take some time, I decided to post weekly udates. For detailed description of the single steps, please refer to Leisa’s Blog. She is giving so much information it would just be inappropiate for me to repeat it here.

So far I have cut my fabric and underlining. As underlining I use cotton batiste (that is my favourite besides silk organza).

Thread tracing all pieces:

Thread tracing

Cutting out the back stay:

back stay

Horse hair canvas for the front:

front interfacing

Sewn the first corner:

corner 1


It is incredible how much stability is added due to the silk organza.

Next step will be pad stitching.



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