Preparing for Winter: Wristwarmers and Gloves

After my success with the Myrna cardigan I wanted to try a more complicated pattern. However, it should not be a too complicated project. So I searched for something small. What better than to try some wristwarmers or gloves? They would also be of need, as my (only) pair of gloves was beyond repair. I found a lot of free patterns on Ravelry and I started with wristwarmes. As there are no fingers to knit I could fully concentrate on the pattern.


These are the Fishtail Wristwarmers by Alexandra Brinck, a free download. This pattern needed my whole attention. I often had to unravel a part because I made a lot of mistakes. With time, though, I recognized the pattern and it was a bit easier. I love how they turned out. I am not sure if I will wear them very often, but the look so pretty. The palmside is a twisted, broken rib.


2015-10-03-Handschuhe-2Next came the gloves. I chose a more easier pattern as I would have to figure out how to knit the fingers. These are the Knotty Gloves by Julia Müller and I thought this would be perfect as the main pattern is finished before the fingers start. This was indeed ok for knitting, but the downside is that the pattern is hidden under the sleeves of my jacket when I am wearing the gloves. Nevertheless, I like them. I do need more practice with the fingers. There were some holes where the fingers start that I tried to close afterwards. I read different tutorials, and there are obviously different methods how to deal with this, so I will have to find the method that works best for me. Also, I noticed that you can see where I put the work down and continued the next day. These parts are always a bit uneven.


2015-10-03-Handschuhe-5I finished both projects already some weeks ago, and I am glad I did because I do already wear the gloves on a daily basis in the morning. With under 10°C I do need gloves for my bike-ride to work.

The wool is used is LANA Grossa Cool Wool, 100% lambswool I purchased in our local store. The color is a perfect match with the scarf I bought last year.


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