Itch to Stitch Jacqueline Hoodie and Giveaway

Kennis from Itch to Stitch called for pattern testers for the Jacqueline Hoodie two weeks ago, and I could not resist. This hoodie has so cute details that make it special.


The hoodie has princess seams, welt pockets, decorative buttons, epaulettes and an off-center zipper.



The fabric I used was in my stash for about ten years. I always wanted to use it for a sweater, but thought that would be too boring. It is a cotton sweater knit. I was not sure if the print would work with the pattern, but it does!



I cut a size XS with the following alterations:

  • Small bust alteration: after basting everything together, the hoodie felt a bit loose on me. I took out 2cm width and 1cm length at the princess seams as described here.
  • Adding 1 cm to the shoulder: The Idyllwild Top was a bit small for me in the shoulder, this is why I added some width. Originally I wanted to add 2cm, but that had too much impact on the armhole. I think it went out ok though.
  • Adding 5cm width in total to the bottom. The instructions have “finished garment measurements” which is realy helpful. So I added the width before cutting my fabric. The instructions have you add only to the side seams in order to not destroy the design with the princess seams.

The sleeves are a bit on the long side. I did not shorten them, because I like a bit longer sleeves for this hoodie, but if you don’t or if you usually have to shorten your sleeves, this is something you definitively should check.


Construction Notes:

Due to all the details and a lot of topstitching, this is not a quick afternoon project. And you have some bulky seams to handle. The topstitching is absolutely neccessary to tame this bulk. My sewing machine is a real workhorse and did not complain once. However, I put my serger on its limits. While attaching the zipper one seam was so thick that it nearly was to thick to get cut by the serger blade. Here is a view of the inside:


Check out the other tester’s versions:

Monday, Apr 27: Coralie (
Wednesday, Apr 29: Jordan (
Thursday, Apr 30: Elsa ( – you are welcome to do it in French)
Monday, May 4: Stacey (
Tuesday, May 5: Rachel (
Wednesday, May 6: Debbie (

The pattern is currently on sale and in addition to that you also have the chance to win a pattern here.

Happy sewing!


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  2. I absolutely LOVE your jacket!!!

    1. Thanks Rhonda, I love it too 🙂

  3. Nice! It’s quite detailed for a hoodie! Looks great!

    1. That is why I wanted to test the pattern. The details make it so special.

  4. wow. This is a really nice jacket. Love the fabric choice and all the details. I have a lot of sewing patterns after 30 years of (on and off) sewing and have become pretty picky about bringing new patterns in but I’m seriously considering this one. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You definitely should! My pattern stash is also quite big now and I am only purchasing pattern if they really have something new or special, like this one.

  5. Claire Sutherland says: Reply

    I love that this looks quite smart despite beefing a hoodie . Love your fabric choice x

    1. I am so happy how the jacket looks with this print!I believe that every fabric has its own destiny, even if it has to sit in my stash for over ten years…

  6. That is cute and you did a great job.

  7. Looks so comfy! Great job.

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