Mimosa Blouse and Sewing Indie Month

Two weeks ago I read about the Sewing Indie Month.

Sewing Indie Month

Until now, I have never used a pattern from an indie company, except a free Colette pattern. Of course, I have seen many indie patterns in the blogosphere but somehow I did not get around to sewing one. So I took the opportunity to check out some patterns. I did not know that there are so many indie companies. I do not like the style of every company, but there are a few interesting ones: Sew Chic Patterns, even if I do not know when to wear their dresses, SomaPatterns by Sylvie P because of the zero waste goal, Thread Theory (wow, a blog for mens wear only?). For my first try I used the Mimosa pattern from SBCC (skinny bith curvy chicken).

The blouse is easy to sew, there are only two darts and no closure. The instructions are clear, but you should not expect details like when to trim a seam allowance. I like how it came out, especially the tie detail. Just a nice casual blouse for summer.



The back is quite simple:

Mimosa back view

The back neckline is finished with bias tape.

Mimosa neckline

The front neckline is finished with a facing:

Mimosa facing

Tie Detail

mimosa tie

Mimosa 1

I like it with jeans, but it looks also great a bit more dressed up with black trousers:

Mimosa black

I cut a size XS, but next time I will cut S, as it is a bit small in the shoulders. I think this is a versatile pattern. I can imagine this blouse in a more drapey fabric, maybe even some knits. Or adding some darts to make it more close-fitting.





4 Replies to “Mimosa Blouse and Sewing Indie Month”

  1. Thanks for trying out my Mimosa blouse! your version looks super cute!

    1. Hi Betsy,
      Thanks for stopping by! The pattern is really great and I had so much fun seiwng it.

  2. I love your Mimosa!! Iove this pattern too … a real gem that deserves lots more publicity. I’ve made two so far and love them both. Well, except that I always have to iron one of them after laundry. Haha. I should really make another that’s wash and wear.

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