Announcement: Vienna Tank Top Sew-Along

This is the official anouncement for the Vienna Tank Top Sew-Along. I am really excited as this is the first Sew-Along I will be hosting. I really hope that you all will have fun and learn a few things as well.

Vienna Tank Top Sew-AlongVienna Tank Top Sew-Along

Vienna Tank Top Sew-AlongVienna Tank Top Sew-Along

The sew-along will be divided into four parts:

Part 1: All about the prep work: printing and taping the pattern, choosing your size and fabric, pattern alterations and cutting

Part 2: Yoke

Part 3: Neckline, tie and ruffles

Part 4: Hem

I will show both views. While I will follow the instructions for view A, I will show you an alternative method for constructing the yoke and finishing the armholes for view B.

We will start with part 1 on July 2, so there is still some time to get ready.


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New in the shop: Vienna Tank Top, Blogtour and Sew-Along

Just in time for summer I have a new pattern in the shop, the Vienna Tank Top from Itch to Stitch in the German translation.



So, all of you who are German speaking, please go to the German page to learn more details and where you can also enter a Giveaway. For all others, I still have two anouncements to make:

First, there will be a blogtour with the lovely versions of my testers. And though their blogs are written in German, you can surely enjoy the pictures. Here is the schedule:

13.6.: Brülläffchen


15.6.: Mein gewisses Extra, Strickprinzessin

16.6.: Minimale Extravaganz, Donnerfaden

17.6.: Kreamino

18.6.: Nähkatze


And second, shortly after the blogtour I will host a sew-along for the Vienna Tank Top. I will show you how to sew both versions and share one or two tips as well. So grap your copy, either the English one here or the German one here (which is 20% off during the blogtour) and get ready!

IMG_0415_Bildgröße ändern IMG_0419_Bildgröße ändern

IMG_0425_Bildgröße ändern IMG_0426_Bildgröße ändern


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TV show and film sewalong: Planning, Fabric, patterns

Today is already the second part of the TV show and film sewalong: all about planning. fabric and patterns.


Last week I showed some of my inspiration pics, and I am now sure that I will make the blouse worn by emily Thorne:


I also have some nice silk that I think would be perfect for this project. It is a crepe silk with a slight structure. One side is a bit shiny.

IMG_0370_Bildgröße ändern

Now for the more difficult part, a suitable pattern. The blouse is a Kate Spade New York blouse. In this black version you can see the details a bit better:


The blouse has center pleats and a kind of collar/neckbinding. If you enlarge the picture you can see that there is a front center seam and this looks to be the same as is the Itch to stitch Vienna Tank Top:

2017-06-04 20_38_53-Vienna Tank Digital Sewing Pattern (PDF) - Itch To Stitch

In the Vienna the pleats are actually facings that are turned to the outside. I am not sure though how to add the second pleat panel. It might also help to examine the Colette Sorbetto for how this is constructed:


For the neckline I might refer to another Itch to Stitch pattern, the Bonn shirt:

2017-06-04 20_43_28-Bonn Shirt & Dress Digital Sewing Pattern (PDF) - Itch To Stitch

Else the blouse seems to be quite loose fitting without any darts. At least I cannot detect any. I might add a bit of waist shaping, we will see.

And now I will see what the others are up too.


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TV show and film sew along: Inspiration

Yacurama from “Minimale Extravaganz” is hosting again a TV series and film sew along, and I thought it might be fun to participate.

Often I like a certain TV show not because of the story, but because of the dresses the women are wearing. As much as I love outfits like Kate beckingsale’s in “Van Helsing” or “Underworld” this is nothing I could incorporate into my day-to-day wardrobe. 



Although, this coat… I would love to have a coat like this. 

I am also drawn to more modern outfits like the ones from Jessica Pearson from “Suits” or from Cam from “Bones”.

10-jessica-red-knot-front-dress 884aa499415c49bb54b2d9fbdc90dbf8 e6c52e0c5f1121a192d13b5b18c284bc jessicas-pink-ruffled-sleeve-dress jessicas-taupe-jacket

While Jessicas outfits are far to much for me, Cams dresses would be something I could imagine to wear. These are often simple sheat dresses but with special features.

camilles-black-white-colorblock-dress 5033f8e526e2dcffaef55173ab0b8ba5 8aae51976888cac04df17a264997e2ff.

But the character I am most drawn to is Emily Thorn from “Revenge”. I just love her style. It is simple but still elegant.

0bc9a5930ef3a1b216c3f5274e960f27 8d0aaa12af157dc2b0abf3769ab86ecb 42c87cdd24a1a1872528c40347a94ec2 598930f960056b3e7bbdd947b4f48605 ad5e44086d5f2a4b0d73042c5dfc4e5a c943cc8ed1f32f000aaff88392bdb473 e62ccc1a5ac586cfc554fc32f7bfe2ae fe670ad4f2c5032edc892e8fc1581ba1

And this is the blouse I might be able to copy:


Are you inspired by TV shows and films for your own outfits?

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Testing Call: Vienna Tank Top from Itch to Stitch – German translation

Hi all,

I have finished the translation of another Itch-toStitch pattern, the Vienna Tank Top. I need some proof readers who are also willing to sew up the pattern. 


You can find the full description of the pattern including material here. Need some inspiration? Look at the lovely creations from the testers here. Or my two versions here and here.


  • You are a native or fluent German speaker with a good feeling for the language
  • You like the pattern and intend to sew it up as is
  • You have enough time to send me the corrections and pictures of the finished garment until June 06.
  • Ideally you have a blog or facebook page to share your finished Vienna Tank Top and to participate in the blog tour.


I plan to start testing on Friday, May 26 and would like to receive the proof read pattern as well as your modeled photos with the Vienna Tank Top on Tuesday, June 06. 

Testing Procedure

Testers will be invited to a facebook group where we can discuss the translation and share pictures. In return for your effort you will receive a copy of the final German pattern.


Then please leave a comment or send an email to sewingdreams (at) web (dot) de with ref “Vienna”. 

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Ocean Breeze Cardigan

Last year I discovered that DROPS has tons of free knitting patterns, one of them the Ocean Breeze Cardigan.

Ocean Breeze Cardigan

I completed this already last summer, but only last weekend I got around to sew on the buttons.

Ocean Breeze Cardigan

I had some yarn in my stash that I wanted to use, but is was thinner than the yarn recommended. So I knitted a gauge and tried to recalculate the pattern for my yarn. This didn’t work though and the pattern didn’t look nice with the thin yarn. In the end I was so frustrated that I bought the DROPS yarn that was used for the model. Think their strategy worked on me: offer free patterns, and people buy the recommended yarn. I am slowly leanrning to match fabric and patterns, but with knitting I am still such a bloody beginner that I am quite lost.

Ocean Breeze Cardigan

The instructions are OK, I sometimes had to read them more than once, but this is rather due to my sparse knitting knowledge, I think.

The pattern was fun to knit and never boring. And a lot of knots!

Ocean Breeze Cardigan

Ocean Breeze Cardigan

The fit is great, only the armscyes turned out to be a bit tight. I also found the buttonholes to be tiny and the little rose buttons I found are still a bit hard to pull through the holes. It is OK though as I hardly will wear the cardigan closed.

Ocean Breeze Cardigan

Other than that I do not have to say much about this project (because I already forgot everything else. This is the downside of having projects lying around for so long).

Ocean Breeze Cardigan

I plan to wear the cardigan with dresses. It is a bit unpractical because it only has short sleeves, and when it is too cold to wear a sleeveless dress, I need something with long sleeves. But we will se how it works out.

BTW, the dress I am wearing is Vogue 8787. I made it several years ago and still love it as it is so easy to wear.

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Keko Kreativ Yoga Bag

Last year I started practising yoga, and it turned out that I love it a lot. I got a yoga mat as Christmas gift, and so I needed a bag for the mat. I used the yoga bag pattern from Keko Kreativ, a German designer for bag patterns.

Yoga bag


As I am so not in sewing bags, I decided to make a muslin first from old curtains. The fabric is from IKEA and I had curtains from it in a flat where I lived 20 years ago. I often thought to discard the old curtains, now I am happy I did not. And as it turned out, I love this bag and won’t make another one. The fabric is rather stiff, so it is suitable for a sturdy bag. The lining fabric is from another old curtain. It is a more lightweight cotton. 


The yoga bag pattern comes with different options for the closure, side panels and straps. I went for the zipper closure and made two different pockets at each side panel and a shoulder strap. The instructions are very detailed and include photos for each step.

Yoga bag

The zipper pocket is just big enough for my key. As you see my zipper is a bit too short. But hey, it was in my stash, so no complaints here. 

Yoga bag

The other side has an open pocket which is just for fun. It is rather small and not really useful. I also added a zipper pocket to one of the long sides of the bag. This is not included in the pattern, but I needed a pocket for my membership card of the gym.

Yoga bag

Yoga bag

The pattern comes with pattern pieces for the side panels (this is, actually, circles in different sizes) and how to calculate the circumference which is the height of the bag. The length depends on the length of your mat. It is important that you include enough ease here so that you can put the mat without difficulties in the bag. As you can see here my bag is about 5 cm longer than my mat. It works but a bit more space would be nice too.

Yoga bag

The instructions give no hint about the length of the shoulder strap. So I pinned my tape measure to the bag and tried to decide how long the strap should be. In the end I made it 20 cm longer than the bag. This works just fine, but again, it could be longer. Or should be longer if I wanted to use the slider which is also from my stash like the D-ring:

Yoga bag

In fact, I only bought the big zipper and the interfacing. The side pieces are interfaced with Vlieseline S320 and H630, the bag itself only with H630. 

The pattern has instructions how to bag the lining so that there are no visible seams inside. I do like that a lot.

Yoga bag

Yoga bag


I love how the bag turned out, and it is great to carry my yoga mat. This is something I really had a need for, and now it makes me happy everytime I pick it up when I go to m yoga lesson. I did not like sewing it, though. There was a lot of cursing involved, especially when sewing the side panels to the main bag. The interfaced pieces were so thick and stiff and I really appreciate how my machine sewed over it without the slightest complaint. So you will not see many bags on my blog, I will sew them only when I am in great need.

How about you? Do you like sewing bags, or are you a garment sewer like me?

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Itch to Stitch Anza Jumpsuit and Dress

Kennis released a new pattern, the Anza Jumpsuit and Dress. When I first saw it I immediatley fell in love with the bodice: the slightly curved V-neck and the breast pockets. So I coud not resist and applied for the testing.

The Anza comes as jumpsuit or dress and features an elastic waist, pockets, cuffed sleeves and different cup sizes. I made the dress. I love the jumpsuit look on others, but I am still a bit reluctant to try it for myself.

Anza jumpsuit and dress

Anza jumpsuit and dressAnza jumpsuit and dressFabric:

I used a black-grey cotton that I bought last year in a local fabric store. I had bought 5m of it with the purpose of making pants. But it was the only fabric in my stash that was lightweight enough and that had the required length.


I cut a size 2 A cup for the bodice, tapering to a size 4 for waist and skirt. I made no other changes. As this is a loose fitting style, this was to be expected.


The construction is straight forward. As there are no sleeves to set in, no collar and no lining, this is quite a quick sew. I kept it simple and finished the seam allowances with my serger. The most challenging part was sewing the cuffs to the sleeves at the underarm seam.  This reminded me of sewing a placket to a slit in a shirt sleeve.


This Dress is quite an unusual silhouette for me. Usually I prefer a fitted bodice and  a flared skirt. I am also not so in shirttail hems for dresses, but this is really a trend at the moment. And I think, this is the first woven dress I made that is not lined! But, of course, this dress is really comfy. So lets see how it will work its way into my wardrobe. At the moment, it is still just to cold to wear it.

Disclaimer: I got the pattern for free in exchange for testing it. All opinions are my own.

This post contains affilitate links.


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Paro Cardigan German Translation available

The Paro Cardigan from Itch to Stitch is availbale in German now! For all the details please refer to the German page here.


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Itch to Stitch Tierras Woven Joggers

Kennis from Itch to Stitch released a new pattern, the Tierras Woven Joggers, and I was one of the pattern testers. The Joggers are meant to be comfy, but dressy pants, and that is what they are.

Tierras woven joggers

Tierras woven joggern

Tierras woven jogger

The pictures are not the best but it was cold and rainy that weekend and I had to take advantage of a rain break.


I used a 100 % cotton batiste from my stash. It was not quite enough so I had to use some other scraps of green fabric for the waistband and the pockets. In the end I am happy how this turned out. The green contrast balances the flower print.

Tierras woven jogger

I also had to piece the pocket facing as there wasn’t any piece left which was big enough. I always felt that piecing is not professional and would somehow downgrade the finished garment. My mind changed after I read an article about piecing in one of the last Thread issues. If you use it deliberately and in unconspicous places it can save a lot of fabric.  That is something I can appreciate.
Tierras woven jogger


I started with a size 4, as I was sure this is my usual hip size for Itch-to Stitch patterns. This version was a bit tight though, and after remeasuring I found myself between size 4 and 6 (I totally am sure hope this is due to my regular visits to the gym and not due to too much cookies during the holiday season). So I let out all seam allowances and this final version is rather a size 6.

I made two other alterations to the pattern:

  • shortening the front crotch
  • taking off some fabric below the butt

For the first alteration I just used the crotch curve of a Burda pattern. I always have too much fabric in the front, so this has nothing to do with this pattern, but with my body shape. I also had a bit extra fabric below the butt. To get rid of it I used the method from Kennis King and folded out the extra fabric below the crotch curve at the back leg and added the same amount again at the hem.


Construction was very straight forward. I finished all my seam allowances with the serger. The elastic in the waistband is sewn down with two seams. This gives a nice, smooth look and prevents the elastic from twisting, but you have to make sure to cut the elastic to the correct lenght. Alterations later on would be difficult. I made some really quick and dirty drawstring from fabric scraps with my serger.

Tierras woven jogger


This is my wearable muslin of the pattern. I admit I planned to wear these as pyjamas, but now I think they are just too pretty to hide in the bedroom. They are really comfy, but with the slim leg also look dressy. The rise is very low, but just OK for me. Unfortunately I will still have to wait a few months until it wil be warm enough to wear my Tierras Woven Joggers.

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